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Media Studies, BA

The Media Studies program at Auburn offers students an in-depth approach to the study of film, television, music and digital media grounded in the humanities tradition. Students take courses on media as technology, art form, industry, as well as a site of audience engagement. Classes explore media history, how media shapes popular culture or how media can reflect social values. Throughout the curriculum, students engage critically with media across multiple platforms through a range of writing assignments, presentations, and creative projects.

Visual Media Option, BA

The Visual Media Option is a practice-based sequence of courses designed to develop skills applicable to narrative and documentary films, commercials, branded video and animation. Visual Media students learn how to write, direct, film, edit, color grade, composite and design sound. They complete a mix of individual and collaborative projects designed to develop conceptual and technical film and media making skills. The Option provides the foundation for a wide variety of careers in digital media, including in filmmaking, television, motion design, and visual effects.

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Last Updated: January 10, 2020