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The Communication program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of communication in order to prepare them with the knowledge and skills to live and work in a diverse and complex society.

The program emphasizes Communication Theory, Research and Practice. Theory courses, such as CMJN 2100, COMM 3500 and COMM 3600, introduce theoretical underpinnings of the communication discipline. Research-based classes include COMM 3510 and COMM 3610. These and related classes teach students how to evaluate research as well as formulate and test their own discipline-specific questions. Context courses, such as Health Communication and Legal Communication, allow students to apply communication theories and concepts to real world contexts and practice.

COMM Minors

CMJN offers two COMM minors.

COMM Majors

COMM courses reflect the program's emphasis on Communication Theory, Research and Practice.

COMM 1000—Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most valuable skills you will learn during your time at Auburn.

Applying to COMM

Career Path

Communication-related skills are consistently listed in the top skills sought by employers.

Faculty & Staff

The Communication program boasts preeminent faculty who have received numerous recognitions for teaching, research, and outreach.

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Communication students intern in a wide variety of areas and for a wide variety of companies.


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