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Our Faculty


Janice Clifford

Dr. Janice E. Clifford



Dr. Allison Vandenberg


Executive Committee

The executive committee oversees the process of evaluating the director and the program such as selecting a new director, approving new courses for program credit, and approving new applicants for faculty affiliation. They consult on planning events, including an annual fall semester reception to welcome new faculty.


Alicia Carroll, Professor, (English) 2020-2023
Hannah Baggett, Assistant Professor, (Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology) 2018-2021
Melissa Blair, Assistant Professor, (History) 2018-2021
Matt Hoch, Professor (Music) 2020-2023
Silvia Vilches, Assistant Professor, (Human Development & Family Studies) 2018-2021


Program Affiliates


Jennifer Kerpelman, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Human Sciences

Giovanna Summerfield, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Liberal Arts



Toni Carter, Libraries' Instruction Coordinator

Juliet Rumble, Women’s and Gender Studies Librarian


College of Agriculture

Kira Bowen, Entomology & Plant Pathology

Beth Guertal, Agronomy & Soils


College of Education

Elena Aydarova, Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology

Hannah Baggett, Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology

Antonio Duran, Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology

Melody Russell, Curriculum & Teaching

Kamden Strunk, Educational Research


School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

Lisa Samuelson, Forestry


Honors College

Tiffany Sippial, Director of Honors College


College of Human Sciences

Lisa Moyer, Human Development & Family Studies 

Diana Samek, Human Development & Family Studies 

Silvia Vilches, Human Development & Family Studies


College of Liberal Arts

Adrienne Angelo, French

Paula Backscheider, English

Tannista Banerjee, Economics

Melissa Blair, History

Elizabeth Brestan-Knight, Psychology

Chase Bringardner, Theatre

Mitchell Brown, Political Science

Barbara Brumbaugh, English

Angie Burque, Social Work

Rosetta Caponetto, Italian

Tessa Carr, Theatre

Alicia Carroll, English

David Carter, History

Sarah Chandler, Theatre

Janice Clifford, Sociology

Joyce de Vries, Art History

Cathleen Erwin, Health Administration

Carolyn FitzGerald, Asian Studies

Emily Friedman, English

Arianne Gaetano, Anthropology

Keren Gorodeisky, Philosophy

Jody Graham, Philosophy

Rachael Green-Howard, English

Ana Grinberg, English

Leigh Gruwell, English

Jana Gutiérrez Kerns, Spanish

Daydrie Hague, Theatre

Kathleen Hale, Political Science

Matthew Hoch, Music

Stacey Hunt, Political Science

Kelly Kennington, History

Amy King, English

Megan LaFrombois, Political Science

Aubrey Lauersdorf, History

Alan Meyer, History

Erich Nunn, English

Traci O’Brien, German

Tracy Oleinick, Theatre

Nora Patterson, Media Studies

Tal Peretz, Sociology

Sharyn Pulling, English

Janelle Rodriques, English

Natalia Ruiz-Junco, Sociology

Allen Salerno, English

Virginia Sánchez-Sánchez, Communication

Kristrina Shuler, Anthropology

Sunny Stalter-Pace, English

Danilea Werner, Social Work

Adrienne Wilson, Theatre

Carole Zugazaga, Sociology



Susan Brinson

Barry Burkhart

Mary Burkhart

Connor Bailey

Ruth Crocker

Patricia Duffy

Nan Fairley

Anne-Katrin Gramberg

Harriette Huggins

Emily Myers

Randy Pipes

Carol Roberson

Donna Sollie

Samia Spencer

Suhyun Suh