Department of Philosophy

Philosophy and Religion Minor

Director: Kelly Dean Jolley, Goodwin-Philpott Endowed Chair in Religion


The Philosophy and Religion minor at Auburn offers an interdisciplinary study of religion, rooted in philosophical, theological and historical studies. It provides an intense, diversified encounter with the concepts, doctrines and development of the religious life as it has been lived in the past and present, and in the East and West.



  • 15 hours of classes as follows (these are in addition to the 3 hours of philosophy required by the University Core requirements):
    • PHIL 1080 or 3300 (3)
    • 12 hours of coursework from the following list: ANTH 2700, ENGL 3360, HIST 3040, MUSI 3510, PHIL 1080, 3340, 3500, 3700, 3740, POLI 3390, 3560, any RELG, or any course approved by the program director

For more information, contact Kelly Dean Jolley or James Loxley Compton.


Philosophy Course Listing: AU Bulletin

Religion Course Listing: AU Bulletin


Last Updated: January 17, 2020