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Rabbit Hole success is sign of hope in Elba

The city of Elba has experienced several floods that have been detrimental to the economic development of the town. In the past, floods damaged homes and businesses. But now some local business owners are putting faith in a levee surrounding the downtown area.

Despite the history of floods from the Pea River, some citizens are creatively revitalizing the town. A spark of resilience is growing in to a flame that is helping the town flourish.

One of the most creative businesses, the Rabbit Hole, is proving to be a local favorite.

Located on the historic town square, this restaurant features aesthetically pleasing décor throughout as well as stained-glass windows. A narrow hallway leads out back to a deck where customers can gather. The building is one of the oldest in town with original ceiling tiles still beautifully in tact.

The Rabbit Hole opened on Oct. 22, 2015. The owners are Debbie Jared, Michael Moseley, and Matt Brunson. Jared and Brunson are partners at a law firm next door.

Inside, visitors can enjoy a great meal and then leave a happy memory behind. All across the walls of the restaurant are the names of customers who have visited and left a signature and sometimes a message for others with a black Sharpie. Jared explained, "It just sort of evolved. I was in Cuba in 2014 and every restaurant had music, and in some you could write on the wall."

Jared said, "This building is right next to my office, and we didn't want just anything to be here."  That led them to buy the building. Jared said they started out with one thing and ended up with this. Originally, the plan was for them to open a smoothie shop, but I can tell you from living in Elba for the summer that I, along with other residents, are very happy that they serve their delicious food instead.

The Rabbit Hole has a laid back environment with great art and décor. Often old rock and roll is playing. Morgan Oglesby, a frequent customer, said, “The music brings me back to when I was a kid.”

Along its family-oriented atmosphere, the Rabbit Hole provides a place where local musicians can play to entertain customers. Rex Oggs, a talented musician who grew up in Elba, played on July 4.

In December 2015, another flood threatened the town, but the levee held strong and did not break. This could be a good omen to bring more businesses like the Rabbit Hole to Elba.