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Department of Psychological Sciences
Financial Information

Graduate Student Assistantships for Doctoral and ABA Master’s Students

Applicants for the PhD programs (Clinical, CaBS, and I-O) and ABA master’s program are automatically considered for assistantships. There is no separate application.
No assistantships are provided for I-O Online MS students.*

Our Financial Information Pamphlet and Housing Information Pamphlet created by current graduate students provide additional details for prospective students.  


  • Doctoral students typically receive one of the following assistantships upon entry to doctoral program

    • Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)

    • Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

    • Graduate Assistantship (GA)

  • Assistantships start at $1140 per month, .33 FTE (13.33 hours per week)

  • Assistantship can pay up to $1800 per month with an MS degree and .50 FTE (20 hours per week) depending on availability and graduate program

  • Generally, doctoral students receive up to 5 years of support depending on strong progress and available funding

  • ABA master’s students receive up to 2 years of support depending on strong progress and available funding

Tuition Fellowship with a minimum .33 FTE assistantship

  • Covers both in-state and out-of-state tuition for up to 15 semester credit hours each semester

  • Can cover up to 110% of the number of credit hours required for the student’s Ph.D. program

  • Assistantship Enrollment Fee

    • Paid by students each semester they have assistantship

    • $734 per semester Fall and Spring; $350 Summer semester

Health Insurance: Graduate Student Group Health Plan (GSGHP)

  • Students with at least .25 FTE assistantship for fall and/or spring semesters are enrolled automatically in GSGHP

  • Student's cost (after $900 Graduate School subsidy) is $1128 for single student coverage for the 12-month academic year (e.g., 8/16/21 through 8/15/22)

  • Students with equivalent or greater coverage through another source may petition to opt out of the GSGHP

  • Complete information on cost, coverage and opt-out procedures

For Clinical Doctoral Students

Additional Assistantship Information

First-year doctoral students in the Clinical program are typically supported through Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs). After the first year, clinical students receive a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) through a clinical placement, although they may also pursue GTA positions if deemed appropriate. The program also offers bona fide research assistant (RA) positions, depending on available funds. Students are responsible for incidental costs of attendance (e.g., parking passes, textbooks).

Auburn University Clinical Research Enhancement Award (CREA)

The intent of CREA is to provide financial support for research activities to clinical psychology students at Auburn University. The funding request may be related to the student’s thesis or dissertation, additional research projects, travel to present at a conference or travel to attend a training workshop that will facilitate the student’s research interests. Funds are intended to enhance awards available through the Graduate School or the Department of Psychological Sciences in the form of travel awards or research awards and external funding mechanisms. The typical award is between $300-$500; however, if a student attends two or more conferences and makes a first-authored presentation, he/she may be eligible for up to $750 in travel funding.

The Director of Clinical Training will solicit applications for CREA funding on an annual basis (typically in the fall semester).

For ABA Master’s Students

Additional Assistantship Information

The ABA Program has in recent years operated an Agency Fellowship Program. This initiative involves state and private agencies sponsoring fellowships for ABA graduate students in return for the student agreeing to one or more years of employment with the agency. The purpose of the fellowships is two-fold: to provide financial support for ABA students, who are not permitted to work during their time the program and otherwise receive no university support, and to assure that the sponsoring agency will be able to employ a graduate of the program for at least one year following graduation.

Fellowship funds are used to sponsor students on a .33-time graduate assistantship, which provides them with a monthly stipend. In addition to fellowships, students may also be funded via contracts with local agencies and do not require additional payback years of employment. Priority is assigned based on merit. 

*For MS in I-O Psychology Students

Students in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology Master's program are not provided graduate assistantships or tuition waivers by the Department of Psychological Sciences. Tuition and fees are not waived for students in this program who are employed in graduate assistantships at Auburn University. 


Auburn University Student Financial Services

For additional information about student financial services and loan information, please visit Student Financial Services (334-844-4367).