About Us

The Auburn University History Department practices and teaches history as a discipline founded in rational inquiry, basic research, stimulating intellectual discourse, and a collective approach to learning. The department offers a comprehensive undergraduate major, graduate degrees, and graduate certificates in archival studies and public history. Our approximately thirty tenure-track faculty members research and teach in fields stretching chronologically from ancient Mesopotamia to the space exploration programs and geographically through nearly every continent. Click to learn more about our faculty and their research interests. Faculty members have earned important internal and external recognition for their scholarship, including in recent years a Fulbright Research Fellowship, Auburn University’s top award for research scholarship, and many book awards. Our undergraduates complete a challenging curriculum and graduate with a strong base of knowledge and skills. Our graduate students have research interests that are similar to the faculty, and most have found successful job placements even in the challenging markets of the recent past.

Last Updated: October 10, 2013