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What is Communication?


The Communication program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of communication in order to prepare them for living and working in a diverse and complex society. 

Communication is the ideal major for students with a variety of interests and talents.  The hallmark of our program is flexibility; you will learn the theory and ethics, as well as the tools and techniques, needed to analyze, manage, and improve communication in both your personal and professional lives.  Our goal is for students to become both informed consumers as well as creative developers of communication in its many forms.  To that end, our classes will challenge your beliefs, broaden your views, and provide opportunities to build your communication expertise and experience. Upon graduation, students will be ready to take on roles as responsible leaders and engaged members in the work place and in their communities.

Reflecting the flexibility of our program, our curriculum is designed around general thematic areas, rather than focusing on specific professions. This structure allows students to combine courses to meet their unique communication and career interests. You can choose from classes examining communication in areas such as health, leadership, politics, and organizations, while other courses will expand your knowledge of social discourse, communication research methods, rhetoric, and interpersonal or intercultural communication.

Our major provides graduates with a wide range of professional opportunities and career options. Our alumni hold a variety of positions including patient advocate, non-profit director, legislative aide, casting director, HR manager, contributing editor, event coordinator, marketing account executive, research associate, and project manager. Graduates are also well-positioned to apply to graduate school and pre-professional programs leading to positions in law, government service, seminary and other helping professions.


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Last Updated: February 13, 2017