Tips for Filming Your Audition Tape

Tips for Filming Your Audition Tape

We know that taping yourself for an audition by unknown and somewhat strange, so we've compiled a list of tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible. 

Thanks so much to Meghanne Helms and Katie Shade, along with the management team in the department who worked to make these virtual auditions possible and provided us with this list. 

If you have any questions or issues,  contact our Production Assistant, Meghanne Helms

Tips for filming your audition: 

  1. A smartphone, tablet, or webcam should be adequate quality to film your audition. Please let us know if technology will be an issue for you. 
  2. Use a neutral backdrop. A blank wall is perfect, or pin a neutral, solid bed sheet to a wall. Keep the space around you simple and clutter-free.
  3. Find a quiet room, with the TV off, your phone silenced, and windows shut, and let anyone else in the house or apartment know that you need some quiet time to film. 
  4. If available, use natural light from a window, or a light you can direct towards you instead of an overhead light that will create shadows. 
  5. Include your name, the title of the play, and the playwright in your slate at the beginning of your video. 
  6. Please be sure the camera includes at least 75% of your body (preferably your full body) in the frame.
  7. Set a time limit for yourself of how long you will spend taping your audition. Don’t overthink it. Be as prepared as possible when you start taping so that you do not waste time messing up lines. You can do two or three takes, since that is what this medium allows for, but don’t spend hours trying to get it perfect. Get one good video, and upload it. 
  8. Watch your video before uploading it. Be sure your audio is clear and at an appropriate level. Make sure it looks good and is in focus. 
  9. Look your best. Treat it like a real audition (because it is!). Make yourself camera ready, and make sure you are well-rested. 
  10. Relax and have fun. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice self-taping an audition, and the great thing about self-taping is you can do it until you get it right. Make it as professional as you can, but also know that this is something new for all of us.


Now your ready to start taping! 

After following the tips above and recording your audition, make sure to submit it with your application at before the end of the day of April 15th.

You can find all audition requirements and details on our Audition Page.



Last Updated: April 08, 2020