Meet the Playwrights for 'Together/Apart': Cris Bangert

Meet the Playwrights for 'Together/Apart': Cris Bangert

"Together Apart: A Socially Distanced Collaboration" features pieces from a multitude of sources and playwrights. Many of the pieces in "Together Apart", are from playwrights that wrote pieces about the pandemic, or other current economical and social events affecting them, others, and the world we live in. We want to take the chance to introduce you to our guest playwrights. Meet Cris Bangert and their piece "Open Channels".

"I had the idea for “Open Channels” about two years ago in early March 2020 as a piece to interrogate the ways people act differently online versus offline and how varied frameworks of social platforms inherently encourage/discourage different types of behavior. While we all know that anonymity enables speech online that wouldn’t be heard so readily offline, there remain questions about how the everyday person has to navigate these spaces which are more complicated than the average user is led to believe. What posts do algorithms hide from you? How do online spaces contribute to different hegemonies? What hidden politics are there in simply choosing a username?" Cris says. 

The question of what boundary can, does, or should exist between online spaces and offline spaces is more pertinent than ever. My play aims to contribute to that conversation which will be most successful with diverse, open channels.

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Last Updated: November 04, 2020