Meet the Playwrights for 'Together/Apart': Charlcie Hathorn

Meet the Playwrights for 'Together/Apart': Charlcie Hathorn

"Together Apart: A Socially Distanced Collaboration" features pieces from a multitude of sources and playwrights. Many of the pieces in "Together Apart", are from playwrights that wrote pieces about the pandemic, or other current economical and social events affecting them, others, and the world we live in. We want to take the chance to introduce you to our guest playwrights. Meet Charclie Hathorn, a current student at Auburn University and also the author of the poem "Naptime is Over" featured in "Together Apart".

Charlcie Hathorn is a junior BFA student who wrote the poem “Naptime is Over” that will be featured in our upcoming production of Together Apart: A Socially Distanced Collaboration. Charclie found her inspiration for the poem while researching stories of victims of police brutality, and from observing the performative behaviors of a crowd exercising their right to assemble peacefully.

"The poem came together over a few weeks, slowly growing one line at a time. It was a means of dealing with sad feelings while reading through heart-wrenching stories," Charlcie says.

Another source of inspiration was the crowds of masked protestors across the country this summer. "It is beautiful to hear one voice in a crowd begin a chant, only to hear ten more voices join in unison with each repetition. There is a power in coming together as a community to mourn injustice, to express anger, to profess a vigilance for one another, and reverence for those lost." Charlcie says.

The biggest motivation in writing this piece was to emphasize the importance of hearing the pain in the voices of your community members and committing to being a means for amplifying those voices in a social system that has a history of silencing them.

This poem aims to set a rhythm in your heart that will stay with you, and hopefully call you to action as a community member.


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Last Updated: November 02, 2020