Meet the Playwrights for 'Together/Apart': Brantley Waller

Meet the Playwrights for 'Together/Apart': Brantley Waller

Together Apart: A Socially Distanced Collaboration features pieces from a multitude of sources and playwrights. Many of the pieces in Together Apart, are from playwrights that wrote pieces about the pandemic, or other current economical and social events affecting them, others, and the world we live in. We want to take the chance to introduce you to our guest playwrights.

Brantley Waller is a current student here at Auburn University. She is a triple major studying BFA Performance, Visual Media, and Spanish. Her piece "Loving the One" is featured in Together Apart: A Socially Distanced Collaboration.

Brantley wrote most of this piece in one sitting. She said, "Theatre is meant to be a community that is welcoming and empathetic - a community that unites us while also challenging us to love each other despite our differences; however, I too often see artists step off a stage and into an attitude that is anything but kind. The anger and frustration I felt about this hypocrisy drove me to write this piece. If we want to see change occur, it's essential for us to be intentional and present with everyone. We must rehumanize and redistribute value to every individual."

She hopes that her piece can be a reminder that we will overcome by loving the one.

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Last Updated: October 27, 2020