A behind the scenes look with Assistant Stage Manager, Meghanne Helms

A behind the scenes look with Assistant Stage Manager, Meghanne Helms

The set for ‘Eurydice’ features many moving parts from rain, an elevator, lightning, and what the production team calls “breaking of the set”. To make sure all these elements happen and happen on time, we rely on the run crew. The crew for ‘Eurydice’ features five Auburn University students – Katie Wolfe, Mary Keyton, Jordan Denson, and assistant stage managers, Meghanne Helms and Carson Huerta. These hardworking students are responsible for literally running the shows, nothing would happen onstage if they weren’t there to do their part.


Meghanne Helms, a senior at Auburn, pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is one of these amazing crew members. For the show, Meghanne is responsible for opening and closing the elevator doors, the throwing of paper airplanes, constructing the string room and also prop tracking. Meghanne says the hardest part during the run is the getting the paper airplane to fly correctly. She explains, “during pre-show, when we are checking all the props, the airplane flies wonderfully, but during the show, for some reason, it’s not so wonderful.”


The show also features many water effects that the crew check before each and every show. This includes taking the heater out of the pool every day, making sure the soaker hose is working correctly, and filling up the gravity fed system with clean water, which works as an actual drinking fountain onstage.


Every role for a production is important and things would definitely not go as smoothly without our run crew. Ready to see these special effects in action? Make sure to get your tickets before ‘Eurydice’ closes this Friday.


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Last Updated: September 25, 2019