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Laura Willis

Laura Willis

Laura Willis


1199 Haley Center
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About Laura Willis
Clinical Professor

Laura Willis is an Clinical Professor at Auburn University. She enjoys working alongside graduate students to provide high quality services to clients and their families. Mrs. Willis also teaches an undergraduate course introducing students to Speech-Language Pathology clinic and methods in service provision. Prior to joining the Auburn University faculty, she was a speech pathologist at the Roosevelt Institute in Warm Springs, Georgia. Her area of specialty is literacy and adult neurogenics. She utilizes her training in Lindamood Bell programs to improve reading fluency and comprehension for children who are struggling to read. She is also certified to provide Lee Silverman Voice Treatment. Mrs. Willis completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Auburn University. She has presented numerous regional/national presentations, authored journal articles and is a co-author of a professional textbook.

Last Updated: August 06, 2020