Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Recent Theses


  • Alexander, Saxon. 2018. Threat-Motivated Mobilization of Collegiate Social Movement Organizations: The 2016 Presidential Election.
  • Currier, Mary Brettlyn. 2018.  Adding Insult to Industry: Alabaman Newspaper Framing of Tennessee River Pollution.
  • Galloway, Karl. 2018.  Policing Poultry: State and Market Interplay and its Ramifications in the Rural South
  • Guthrie, Amanda R. 2018. #IslamicState: An Analysis of Tweets in Support of ISIS After the November 2015 Attacks in Paris.
  • Olive, Lindy. 2018. The Double Movement or the Double Bind? The Role of Black Women in a Community-Based Meal Kit Project.
  • Patterson, James. 2018. Heir Property in the South: A Case Study of a Resettlement Community
  • Richardson, Dalton. 2018. “God Bless the Farmer”: Community Perceptions of Legal Challenges to Hog Farming in North Carolina.
  • Tyler, James David. 2018.  Never Too Late: Baby Boomers in College in Preparation for the Third Age.


  • Gopaul, Abhimanyu. 2017. The Socio-Economic Impact of Concentration of Timberland Ownership in Alabama.
  • Johnston, Zachary A. 2018. Tornado Fatality Rates: Variables Associated with the Increased Lethality of Cyclonic Tornadic Activity within the Southeastern United States
  • Walker, Fiona. 2017.  Right to Farm Laws: A Thematic Analysis.


  • Walker, Lauren. 2016. Deception of Phishing: Studying the Techniques of Social Engineering by Analyzing Modern-day Phishing Attacks on Universities.


  • Garrett, Benjamin Cooper. 2015. College Choice, Racial Identity, and Perceived Consequences for African Americans at Predominately White Institutions in the South


  • Baek, Unji. 2014. South Korean Perceptions of Soft Power: How the Hanguk-in See Themselves in the World.
  • Hinton, Madison. 2014. Black, White, or Mixed: Identity Formation and Choice Among Black-White Biracial Individuals.
  • Lawson, Latasha. 2014. Can Health and Wellness Education Programs Help Decrease the Number of New Incidences? A Study of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Malawi
  • Miller, Timothy. 2014. Child Abduction in Television News Media: A Content Analysis.
  • Zhong, Yang. 2014. The Impact of Intellectual Property Law on Developing Countries: Patent Law and Essential Medicines.


  • Ameyaw, Lord. 2013. Investigating the objectives of the new owners of Alabama's Timberlands.
  • Adu-Gyamfi, Akua. 2013.  The Role of Women in Post-Harvest Handling of Peanuts: The Case of Reducing Aflatoxin along the Supply Chain in Ghana.
  • Christensen, Stefanie. 2013.  Surviving the Spill: Stakeholder Perceptions of the Commercial Seafood Supply Chain in Alabama and Mississippi after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster.
  • Henry, Megan L.  2013.  An Archaeological Investigation of the Indian Hill Site, 1Wx15, a Middle Woodland Culture. 
  • Lowe, William Jason. 2013. Utilization of Iron at Fort Mitchell 1RU102; A Functional Analysis.


  • Calvert, Joe. 2012. Public Enemies: A Demographic Analysis of Federal Fugitive Wanted Posters.
  • Henry, Kandace. 2012. Digital Modes of Communication: The Relational Effects between College Students and their Friends, Parents, and Intimate Partners.
  • Moss, Stacie. 2012. Competing Identities: A Gendered Analysis on the Effect of Religiosity on Homosexual Identity Formation.
  • Pitts, Kristin. 2012. Iggression: An Examination of the Role of Digital Technologies in the 2011 Arab Awakening.
  • Denny, Riva. 2012. Between the Farm and the Farmer’s Market: Slaughterhouses, Regulations, and Alternative Food Networks.


  • Majumdar, Mahua. Relationship between absentee landownership and quality of life in Alabama.


  • Cox, Monica Norton. 2010. The Mortuary Constructions of William Rufus Jackson; A Demographic and Spatial Analysis of Folk Art Tombstones in the East Alabama Area.
  • Gill, Cameron Wallace. 2010. Ceramic Analysis of Proto-Historic Domestic Structures from 1EE89 a Transitional Culture on the Coosa.
  • Jones, Emily Stutzman. 2010. Understanding the Role of Fish Producer Organizations as Intermediaries for Aquacultural Development in Uganda.
  •  McCormick, Crystal Michelle. 2010.  Sadadaka: An Aspect of Shamanism, Spiritual Power, and Pollution in Okinawa.
  • McCutcheon, James Chandler. 2010. A Content Analysis of Sex and Drug Law Legislation.
  • Singh, Brajesh. 2010. Coal and Renewable Energy: History, Impacts, and Future in Alabama.
  • Sydnor, Emily Taliaferro. Using and improving irrigation producer perceptions and possibilities.
  • Viscarra, Eryn Grucza. 2010. Bad Rap? The Role of African American Males in Popular Music.


  • Paula, Ana Luisa. 2009. The Willingness of Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners to Supply Wood Biomass for a Prospective Wood-Based Bioenergy Industry: A Case Study from Lee County, Alabama.


  • Ali, Yazmin. 2008. Honor, The State, and It's Implications: An Examination of Honor Killings in Jordan and the efforts of Local Activists. 
  • Medlin , Allison Kay. 2008.  Bargain Theatre: A Dramaturgical Analysis of a Flea Market. 
  • Robinson , Amelia Davies. 2008.  Lethal and Non-lethal Outcomes for Male and Female Offenders: Utilizing the NIBRS Data Source.


  • Blejwas, Emily. 2007. Social Capital, Cultural Capital, and the Racial Divide: Community Development through Art in Alabama's Black Belt
  • Buys , David Russell. 2007. The Impact of Social Capital on Unusual Health Outcomes in Dallas and Sumter Counties in Alabama. 
  • Dyer, Janice. 2007. Heir Property: Legal and Cultural Dimensions of Collective Landownership in Alabama's Black Belt
  • Vitale, Michele. 2007. Evaluating Access Barriers to Primary Health Care Services for Hispanic Residents in Toombs County, Georgia
  • Washington, Shakeesha. 2007. A Comparative Case Study of Regional Councils of Government in Central and East Alabama


  • Adams, Joshua. 2005. Social Capital, School Desegregation and Education in West Alabama's Black Belt
  •  Carter-North, Patrick. 2005. Growth Machine Meets Conservation: A Stakeholder Analysis of the Black Warrior and Cahaba River Watersheds
  • Corbett, Marvin Courtney. 2005. Hotbeds for Hate Groups: Competition Theory used in an analysis of Alabama, California, Florida, and Texas Counties.
  • Kennealy, Patrick. 2005. Community Capacity and Rural Housing in the Black Belt.
  • Golden, Theresa Kristin. 2005.  An Analysis of Informal Social Control on Alcohol Abuse: A Cross-National Study.
  • Meyer, Suyapa Triminio. 2005. Tilapia Fingerling Production in Honduras.


  • Lillis, John Porter. 2004.  Superfund Sits and Developmental Toxicity: A Broad Epidemiological Overview.
  • Holeski, Carrie. 2004. The Relationship between Landowners Perceptions of the Southern Pine Beetle Problem and Actual Outbreaks.
  • Stevenson, Jeffrey Francis. 2004. Lifetime Stalking Victimization of College Students.


  • Brown, Rebecca Ann. 2003.  Alabama's Capital Sentencing Scheme: Are Extra-Legal Factors Influencing Jury Overrides?
  • Pilkington, J. Scott. 2003.  Using Community Surveys to Prioritize Landmine Clearing Operation:  Case Studies of Process and Outcome. 
  • Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth. 2003.  Income, Food Security, and Poverty Reduction:  Case Studies in Small-Scale Aquaculture Producers in Santa Barbara, Honduras.
  • Oggs, Richard D. 2003.  Postulations on Mississippian Warfare: Examination of the Defensive Works at Ebert CaneBreak: 1MC25.


  • Ferguson, Carol Elizabeth. 2002.  Deterrence or Brutalization: The Impact of Capital Punishment on Juvenile Offenders. 
  • Goggins, Kelli Ann. 2002.  Finding the Reliability of NIBRS. 
  • Lavender, William P. 2002.  Diet in an Amerindian Settlement: a Longitudinal Analysis of Dental Microwear. 
  • Walters, Michele Louise. 2002. Negotiating Justice? A Case Study of Sexual Assault Case Through the Lens of Negotiated Order Theory


  • Lowery, Tonya Lorine. 2001.  Serial Homicide: Examining Differences in Sexual and Non-Sexual Offenders. 
  • Powers, Dawn Teresa. 2001.  The Effect of Victimization and Fear of Crime on Women's Labor Force Participation. 
  • Robinson, Bryan Kenneth. 2001.  Understanding the Role of Suicide in Both Public Setting and Domicile Setting Mass Murders. 


  • Knudsen, Courtney. 2000.  Can Structural Factors Explain Juvenile Homicide?: an Extension of Land, McCall, and Cohen. 
  • Liddle, Kathleen. 2000.  Close Encounters. Visibility and Acceptance of Gays and Lesbians. 
  • Mikloucich, Stephen Michael. 2000.  Villain or Scapegoat: A Qualitative Study of the Asocial Crowd Behavior at the Woodstock '99 Rock Concert..


  • Berry, Susan J. 1999.  Impacts of Environmental Education in the Flint Creek Watershed. 
  • Boles, Barbara A. 1999.  Patterns of Victimization for Serial Homicide: A Routine Activities Approach. 
  • Bryant, Thurston Lamont. 1999.  The Social Construction of Serial Homicide: A Reanalysis. 
  • DeWees, Mari A. 1999. Offender and Offense Patterns for Serial Homicide: a Comparative Analysis of British and U.S. Serial Murderers. 
  • Hawkins, Karen Payge. 1999.  Categorizing Serial Murderers: An Empirically Based New Typology for Serial Homicide. 
  • Ledbetter, Jr. James Forrest. 1999. Capital Punishment and Multicide: Factors Influencing Sentencing of Multiple Homicide Offenders. 


  • Dawson, Christine Genevieve. 1998.  Does Sex Make a Difference? Examining Bias in News Media. 
  • Ferguson, April E. 1998.  The Changing Context of Murder: An Examination of Acquaintance/Stranger Homicide in Nine Large Urban Areas 1987-1993. 
  • Harmon, Jonathan F. 1998.  The Evaluation of A Predictive Model in Historical Archaeology. 
  • Stacey Hathorn. 1998. Language Use Among the Echota Cherokee: Current Use and Opinions About Ancestral Language Revival.
  • Pybass, John Allen. 1998.  Undergraduate Alcohol Consumption: Its Relationship to Risk Behavior, Greek Membership, and Other Correlates. 
  • Weber, Sarah Sue. 1998.  mages of God in Relation to Gender. 

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