Sociology as a Discipline

Sociology is devoted to the study of the social context of human behavior and interaction, with a particular focus on groups, networks, social institutions, and social change. Students completing the Sociology degree are required to develop and demonstrate skills in oral and written communication, critical thinking, and in research. Graduates in Sociology are prepared for careers in a variety of fields including personnel management, communication and public relations, law, the criminal justice system and resource management, among many others. Many students also choose to pursue advanced degrees in Sociology and other social sciences, law, or other related fields.

The Sociology Program

The program serves Sociology majors and minors, students in other departments and colleges, the university core curriculum, and the honors college. A primary goal of the Sociology program is to provide undergraduate and graduate majors a solid foundation within the discipline, particularly in the areas of theory, research methods and statistics, and human diversity. The program is also active in Alpha Kappa Delta, the international honor society for Sociology.

Sociology Faculty

Faculty members in the Sociology program teach courses and conduct research in the following areas:

  • Criminal and Deviant Behavior
  • Lethal, Non-lethal, and Sexual Violence
  • Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Homeland Security and Terrorism
  • Family Issues
  • Social Organization
  • Global Sociology
  • Medical Sociology
  • Demography
  • Culture and Sports

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