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Thomas Dailey

Thomas Dailey


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About Thomas Dailey
Adjunct Instructor of Sociology

As a graduate student, Thomas Dailey taught his very first sociology class at Auburn University in the summer of 2003 and found he loved it.  Ever since, he has taken every opportunity to teach, and over the years has held several full time and adjunct positions.  Though he has taught classes in a variety of subjects, his favorite courses to teach are introductory courses, courses on social theory, and courses on social class, inequality, and poverty.  Thomas considers teaching to be more than just lecturing in a classroom and instead views it as a way to make students aware of the social world around them and to encourage students to be service-oriented and active pursuers of social justice. 

Thomas is interested in examining the places where the critical theories of sociology and psychology collide.  He is interested in how holding certain social roles shape a person’s perceptions, experience, and consciousness, especially when it comes to roles relating to race, gender, and social class.  Thomas is also interested in researching ways that neoliberal thinking has influenced various social institutions, particularly higher education, and how the those changes are affecting the rest of society and the individuals within it.

Last Updated: July 22, 2021