Department of Psychological Sciences

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Psychology majors and minors have the opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate research assistant (RA).

What is involved as an RA?

RAs can assist with multiple steps of research from data collection, data coding, and running studies to participating in lab meetings and literature searches.

Note: The RA duties vary depending on the research and faculty lab.

Why participate as an RA?

Students gain valuable experiences about the research process. This experience can help students determine how much they enjoy research, strengthen research skills, and become more involved with faculty and graduate students. Working as an RA is desirable when applying to graduate and professional programs.

Can I get course credit as an RA?

Most of the positions are volunteer-based, and there may be additional opportunities to earn course credit such as PSYC 3910 Supervised Research Experience (pending permission of faculty member).

How do I get involved?

To learn more about faculty research and labs in the Department of Psychological Sciences, click on the Faculty Labs. You can search by research interests or faculty. Click on the lab to find out more information and whom to contact regarding possible RA positions.

Note: Most research labs require a 2 semester commitment and it is best to start early in your bachelor’s degree to gain valuable experience and positive letters of recommendation from faculty supervisors. 

Last Updated: September 02, 2021