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Sarah Lust

Sarah Lust

Sarah Lust


103 Thach Hall
(334) 844-6674


  • 2011, Ph.D., Psychology, University of Missouri
  • 2009, M.A., Psychology, University of Missouri
  • 2003, B.A., Psychology, University of Connecticut

About Sarah Lust
Visiting Assistant Professor

Sarah Lust was trained as a social and personality psychologist; however, her research focuses on interdisciplinary topics that span neuroscience, social and health psychology. She is especially interested in how people make decisions about their own sleep habits, and how sleep deprivation affects factors such as stress-response (electrodermal activity), or neural response to decision making (event-related potentials). Another area of interest for her is how sleep deprivation and alcohol use interact to affect decision making and health. For example, some of her research has investigated how attitudes toward sleep affect choices related to alcohol consumption and in turn how these choices predict consequences such as poor academic performance. Sarah joined the psychology department at Auburn in 2019. Prior to that, she served as a project coordinator at UConn and Brown University (2011-2015) for a collaborative NIH-funded study of an intervention to decrease college students’ risky alcohol use. From 2015-2018, she was an Assistant Professor at small liberal arts college in Missouri. 

Classes Taught

PSYC2020, Introduction to Psychology

PSYC2080, Health Psychology

Representative Publications

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