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Samantha Fede

Samantha Fede

Samantha Fede



PhD, Cognition, Brain, and Behavior, University of New Mexico

MS, Psychology, University of New Mexico

BS, Psychology, Virginia Tech

About Samantha Fede
Assistant Professor

Samantha Fede, PhD, came to Auburn University in 2021. Before that, she conducted research at NIAAA, University of New Mexico, Virginia Tech, and George Mason University. She has expertise in clinical cognitive neuroscience, including fMRI neuroimaging techniques, neurofeedback, and quantitative analysis. Dr. Fede has previously worked with populations including undergraduate students, incarcerated adults, community-based substance users, and treatment seeking individuals with alcohol use disorder. Dr. Fede's overall research goals are to use neuroscience to understand and improve trajectories associated with psychopathology and high risk behaviors, such as substance use, particularly in intersection with sociomoral cognition.

Classes Taught

PSYC 3620: Cognitive Neuroscience

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