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NASPAA Accredited by The Commission on Peer Review and AccreditationThe Master of Public Administration degree program at Auburn University is a NASPAA-accredited program with diverse course offerings, dedicated faculty actively engaged in research, and an internship requirement that builds successful leaders for careers in public service. The two-year program provides an environment for networking, research opportunities, and program personalization through various graduate certificate options or a dual-degree program with Community Planning. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, some directly from undergraduate studies, while others have significant work or military experience. 

The mission of the Auburn University MPA program is to advance effective and accountable public service in a dynamic, increasingly global environment that includes government agencies and nonprofit organizations. We accomplish this using a collaborative model of teaching, research, and outreach that instills in a diverse group of students the capacity for civic agency, providing them with the knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to make a difference in the civic life of their communities.

Our program emphasizes the necessity of professional knowledge, skills, and abilities that help ensure our students are capable of serving as effective, accountable leaders and managers in government and nonprofit organizations.

We view the environment of public service as increasingly diverse, dynamic, and globally interconnected. Therefore, we strive to create students who are global citizens that embrace the benefits of diversity. We also seek to create students who are flexible, innovative and capable of handling changing dynamics in the public service environment. Read more about this philosophy in our MPA Program handbook.

Our collaborative model of teaching, research, and service as echoed in our mission is carefully designed to instill what we call "civic agency" in our students. This means we not only equip them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to be successful in public service but that we also seek to instill in them the motivation to make a difference in local and global communities.

Most of our graduates go on to hold positions in public agencies, nonprofit organizations, or the private sector. Our alumni are effective members of their communities, whether at work or in volunteer activities.

Nationally ranked, Internationally Recognized 

The MPA program at Auburn University is nationally ranked (number 69 of public affairs programs). The program is also ranked internationally as one of the top 200 public administration programs in 2019.  

Graduation Rates and Program Outcomes

Graduation Rates 2012-2013

Graduation outcomes pie chart

1 The graduate rate statistic is based on the percentage of the full 2013-2014 academic year matriculating cohort who graduated within 2 years and 4 years. This includes both full time and part time students, for a total of 15 students in that cohort. Source: Auburn University Office of Institutional Research
2 The post graduation outcome statistics are based on based on students who graduated during degree year 2019-2020 and includes full and part time students, for a total of 29 students. The unknown students are predominantly international students that we have not been able to contact post-graduation.

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