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May 2020 graduate lands dream opportunity with the PGA

Marie Lipski is a 2020 graduate who was able to land an amazing job with the PGA thanks to the help and encouragement she received from CLA Career Services. Here is her story.

Tell us about yourself.

I have a BA in journalism and minors in creative writing and photography. I graduated from Auburn in May of 2020 and I'm from Dacula, GA. 

Who are you working for and what are you doing?

I am working for the Southern Texas PGA and just landed a position as their communications coordinator. 

The STPGA is comprised of over 800 golf professionals representing over 200 facilities in southern Texas. It also administers six different junior golf programs and is part owner of a seventh. In total, we will run over 400 junior golf tournaments with nearly 4,500 unique juniors ages 6-18 this year.  

My office role consists of creating and sending out weekly newsletters, maintaining the organization's social media accounts and website, and writing articles for the PGA Magazine. I also travel to tournaments all across the southern Texas area. At these events I capture photos and videos of the players, interview and highlight some of the PGA professionals, create graphics to highlight the players, write press releases at the end of tournaments, and get to meet a lot of cool players.

How did CLA Career Services help you in your job search?

Going on the Career Trek was definitely one of my favorite things I did with CLA Career Services. It opened my eyes to opportunities in office environments that I wouldn’t be able to see from research online. I think it's so important to know what kind of environment you want to work in because it makes all the difference in your experience in the office. It also showed me that, although I am a journalism major, I had a lot of the skills required for other positions, such as a communications position, and that is definitely something you begin to learn about yourself from in-person opportunities. 

Why should students attend CLA career programs and meet with a career services specialist?

I took a class the second semester of my sophomore year called Freelancing, because Marianne McCarley had come to a lot of the journalism classes encouraging people to take this new class. It ended up being one of my favorite classes and to be honest, the class that I think truly prepared me for the next steps after college. I knew Marianne always had my best interests at hand, and as I started taking those steps toward finding an internship, interviewing for job positions, updating my resume, and just figuring out where to start, she was my first choice to go to. I remember toward the end of my senior year, going into her office and practicing interview questions for a golf position, because that was what I wanted to do. Little did I know I would actually land a role in golf not long after. 

What advice would you give other students who are looking for internships/jobs?

Start looking early. It's never too early to start looking for a position. That was one thing that always came up way too fast in the year. I thought I had plenty of time and then it would be the next semester and I was scrambling to find anything. Event if it isn’t something you are completely interested in, it is still great interviewing practice for something you really want later.

Experience is key. Employers look at experience above everything else. That’s always something that you question, how am I supposed to get experience if you won’t hire me? That’s the great thing about Auburn. There are so many organizations you can join so you can get experience. For me, I joined Humans of Auburn my freshman year. It was out of my comfort zone, walking up to random strangers and interviewing them, but it opened up the gates to so many more opportunities as I became more confident. I was the photo editor for the Auburn Plainsman my senior year and that was one of the coolest opportunities I had on campus, because I had front row seats on the field at football games and sat under the basket at basketball games. This helped me realize my passion for sports. You never really know what you want to do until you experience some things you like and even some things you don’t like. So, get involved!

What is your favorite Auburn memory or experience?

The whole Auburn experience is definitely one to remember, and I wouldn’t have traded it to go to any other school. But I think my overall favorite experience was junior year, during March Madness, when we made it to the Final Four. I remember seeing everyone running to Toomer’s Corner in the middle of the day. It was packed, the air was filled with toilet paper dust, and the atmosphere was so exciting. I always got that family vibe and enthusiasm for Auburn sports from the students, but that day I felt it the strongest. We were all one team and there wasn’t anything to be upset about. And, of course, the classic song could be heard all over campus after that. I show people videos from that and no one can deny how amazing that day was.

Congratulations Marie! We are so proud of you. You too can gain a job or internship with the help of CLA Career Services. Visit our website to learn more.

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