Department of Music

Programs of Study

All graduate and undergraduate degrees are approved by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Scholarships and graduate assistantships are available for campus-based students from the Music Department and the Department of Curriculum and Teaching.



Our highly skilled faculty teach students to expect excellence in all aspects of performance and practice, giving them the tools necessary to achieve this expectation and accomplish their musical goals. Whether a student wants to be a performer, conductor, educator or any combination, they can learn the skills necessary to navigate through the opportunities and obstacles that await them.


Students are engaged in a variety of musical and academic concentrations:

  • Private instruction
  • Individual performance
  • Large and small ensemble participation
  • Music academic classes


The Department of Music in the College of Liberal Arts offers:


In collaboration with the College of Education, we offer:



In collaboration with the Department of Curriculum & Teaching, we offer:

Last Updated: July 23, 2020