Department of Music


If you plan to major in music (or double major) in the following degree programs, you will need to complete a successful audition for admission into the Department of Music.

Music Performance

Music Education

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The audition serves for both entrance/placement and for scholarship consideration.

A student is limited to two attempts, one year apart, to complete a successful audition for acceptance into the Department of Music.

If you need to audition, you must apply to the Department of Music through Embark, and either submit a video recording or perform a live audition by February 1. See details below. ‚Äč

If you plan to audition for the Department of Music, you must apply to Auburn University by the following dates:

  • December 1- Receive Academic Scholarship Consideration from the University 
  • February 1- University Acceptance without Academic Scholarship Consideration


Live auditions will only be scheduled if you have been accepted into the University.

Recorded Audition

  • Instrumentalists, email the correct studio instructor for your skill and copy the area coordinator alerting them to your interest in auditioning for the Department of Music.
  • Classical Vocalists, only email the voice coordinator Dr. Rosephanye Powell.
  • Commercial Vocalists, email Professor Jilla Webb.
  • Comp/Tech students, only email the area coordinator, Professor Lee Johnson.
    • Email addresses for the appropriate studio instructors and area coordinators are listed below.


  • Complete the Embark music major application
  • Choose "VIDEO"under Audition Type.
  • Once your video has been uploaded, you have completed all necessary steps.
  • Complete the AUSOM application if you haven't already done so.


All recorded auditions must be received by February 1.

The recording does not have to be professionally made; however, we recommend that you ensure the recording is of high quality and without technical problems (e.g., issues with format or volume). 


Flute: Virginia Broffitt Kunzer

Oboe: Kathleen Carter Bell

Bassoon: Conor Bell

Clarinet: David Odom

Saxophone: Michael Pendowski

Trumpet: Mark DeGoti

Horn: William Schaffer

Trombone: Matt Wood

Euphonium / Tuba: Stephen Kunzer 

Percussion: Doug Rosener

Strings: Guy Harrison

Voice: Rosephanye Powell

Voice, Commercial: Jilla Webb

Piano: Jeremy Samolesky

Comp/Tech: Lee Johnson



Woodwind: David Odom

Brass: Mark DeGoti

Percussion: Doug Rosener

Voice: Rosephanye Powell

Voice, Commercial: Jilla Webb

Strings: Guy Harrison

Piano: Jeremy Samolesky

Comp/Tech: Lee Johnson

For ensemble auditions (instrumental or vocal), please visit the Ensembles. 


Note- Students auditioning for the Commercial Music degree should look under the following headings for audition requirements: Voice, Strings (guitar and electric bass), and Percussion.

Last Updated: April 29, 2021