Department of English

Prospective Undergraduate Students

One of the most important decisions that college students make is their major field of study. That major will take up many of the total number of academic hours required for graduation and represents a significant aspect of every student's time in higher education. It can also have an important effect on students' future outlooks on life as well as their prospects for employment. Therefore you, as a student, must look for a field of study that you find interesting, has a variety of sub-fields, and can be an asset regardless of your future career choices.

Please stop by, e-mail, or call the department advisor if you have any questions about the English program and its potential significance for your life and your plans for your career.

Application Guidelines

For information about Admission to Auburn University, see the Auburn University Office of Admissions. Especially helpful is the AU Admissions FAQ page.

Financial Assistance

For information on financial assistance, go to the Auburn University Office of Student Financial Aid. In addition to the financial aid offered through the university, the department each year awards scholarships to undergraduates ranging from $200 to $4,000. These are awarded to outstanding undergraduate English majors, as well as for academic accomplishments and outstanding papers.

Last Updated: August 08, 2016