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Jana Gutiérrez Kerns

Jana Gutiérrez Kerns

Associate Professor


World Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Jana Gutiérrez Kerns

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6064 Haley Center

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By Appointment


PhD, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

MA, Middlebury College

MA, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

BA, Southern Methodist University

Research Interests

Hispanic poetry, Spanish American women writers, Afro-Hispanic expression, urban studies, gender studies, queer theory, illness and aesthetic bodies, ecofeminism, exile and immigrant literature, literary translation and creative writing


  • Gutiérrez, Jana F. and Socarrás, Gilda. “Molding Minds: Community and University Seek Equal Partnership through Language Studies.” Scholarship in Action: Communities, Leaders, and Citizens. Eds. Barbara A. Baker, Kathleen Hale, and Giovanna Summerfield. 66-78.
  • “Daisy Zamora.” and "Josefina Plá." Latin American Women Writers: An Encyclopedia. Eds. María Claudia André and Eva Paulina Bruno. Routledge, 2007.
  • “Two Havana Love Songs: Reconsidering ‘Amor, ciudad atribuida’ by Nancy Morejón." Utah Foreign Language Review (2005): 14: 47-60.
  • “Finally Free: The Female Artist and the City in Dulce María Loynaz’s Jardín     (Feministas Unidas Essay Prize)” Letras Femeninas. (Dec. 2005): 11-26.
  • “Her Havana: Cuban Women Writers Imagining a City of One’s Own.” Women and Environments International Magazine. (May 2004): 16-17.
  • “POESIdA: Hispanic Writers Respond to AIDS.” MIFLC Review 11 (2002): 1-24.
  • "Fina García Marruz." Dictionary of Literary Biography: Modern Spanish American Poets.  Ed. María A. Salgado. 283.1: 109-16.

Courses Taught

  • FLSP 3010: Spanish Phonetics
  • FLSP 3020: Spanish Syntax
  • FLSP 3030: Spanish Conversation
  • FLSP 3040: Spanish Composition
  • FLSP 3100: Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • FLSP 3130: Topics in Hispanic Music
  • FLSP 3150: Topics in Hispanic Media: Latinos in Mass Media
  • FLSP 3220: Spanish-American Civilization II
  • FLSP 3310: Commercial Translation
  • FLSP 4310: Business Spanish I
  • FLSP 4320: Business Spanish II
  • FLSP 4330: Topics in Hispanic Commercial World: Hispanic Marketing
  • FLSP 4420: Topics in Hispanic Literature and Culture
  • FLSP 6020: Advanced Spanish Syntax
  • FLSP 7050: Literary Criticism and Theory
  • FLSP 7220: Spanish American Poetry I 
  • FLSP 7230: Spanish American Poetry II