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Fatemeh Jamshidi

Fatemeh Jamshidi


Persian Music Ensemble


Fatemeh Jamshidi

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Fatemeh Jamshidi is a PhD student in computer science and a master's student in music education at Auburn University. She has been a music educator in classical and traditional Persian ensembles since Spring 2017 and the conductor of the Persian Music Group in 2020-2021 at Auburn University. Fatemeh started learning western classical music at the age of six. Her research in combining computer science and music boosted her interest in traditional Persian music. Through her cultural activities at Auburn University, she strives to bring the music of the east to the west to further cross-cultural understanding. She has been training middle school and high school students in computer music for the past five years. She has conducted workshops on teaching programming through music and presented her work at prestigious conferences. Fatemeh's goal is to conduct a music technology center at Auburn University to bridge the gap between computer science and music.