We are a health and wellness program that supports and enhances social skills, cognitive skills, self-esteem, creativity, and work skills for young adults with developmental disabilities facing moderate to severe life challenges and their families.  

About Us

Our community sponsors are social groups, community organizers, agencies, or companies who volunteer their time to create meaningful social connections and relationships within and among the BCPP community.

Community Inclusion Sponsors

For the 11 inclusion ambassadors from Auburn's BraveHeart Center for Place and Purpose, field day with Allen Greene was their time to shine. The ambassadors teamed up with senior staff members from Auburn Athletics in a variety of events.

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We seek highly motivated, dependable, personable and adaptable students who want to grow and enhance professional knowledge and skills in an innovative, challenging, strengths-based, and training-focused community program.

Internships and Practicums

BCPP students participate in outreach activities that benefit the larger Auburn/Opelika community. Participating in these activities creates a purpose for these students and allows recognition of their individual strengths.

Community service and outreach activities include: creating art for homebound senior community members, a food drive to benefit food insecure persons, a holiday toy drive benefiting families with limited income, and a blanket drive that serves sick, elderly, and financially limited persons.

BCPP Community Service

BCPP Highlights

  • Students walked 1.5-2.5 miles approx. each day
  • Students participated in their AU community through:
    • Tours of the AU Athletic Complex and Stadium
    • Backstage tour of Telfair Peet Theatre
    • Attendance at an AU Baseball game
    • Guided tour of AU campus
    • Weekly nature walks at Davis Arboretum
    • Concourse activities with AU Students
  • Students interacted with Auburn City community through:
    • Life Skills visits to the University Donut Company
    • Life Skills visits to Toomers Lemonade
    • Community engagement with Auburn Fire Dept #1
  • Students completed Outreach with AU and community partners
    • Art Helps and Heals the Heart
    • Halloween Canned Food Drive
    • Toy Drive in December
    • Warm Hearts Blanket Drive in February
  • Students hosted several community events
    • 5 Movie Days where students practiced vocational skills
    • Open House
    • Art & Photo Showcase