Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Literacy, Language, and Culture (LiLaC) Laboratory

Dr. Hamilton served as guest editor for Part 3 of ASHA’s SIG 1 Perspectives. She compiled several articles across various disciplines, addressing the issue of dialectal differences regarding African American English. The video below introduces the set of papers for SIG 1’s Perspectives on African American English.

Director: Megan-Brette Hamilton, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Program: SLP

Description: The LiLaC Lab examines the role that language and culture play in oral and written communication across the lifespan. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, the LiLaC lab focuses on exploring areas of dialect, particularly African American English (AAE), in children with and without language disorders; cultural-linguistic perspectives and competence of students and professionals; and acquisition of Mainstream American English (MAE) literacy. Research conducted in the LiLaC lab has the goal of improving our understanding of cross-cultural and cross-linguistic communication interactions in a variety of contexts including but not limited to classrooms, speech and language clinical settings, and public libraries.


Please contact Dr. Megan-Brette Hamilton at for information regarding undergraduate research opportunities.


Last Updated: December 04, 2018