Medieval & Renaissance/Early Modern Studies

Minor in Medieval & Renaissance/Early Modern Studies

How can people who lived 300-1500 years ago affect us today? Through studying the culture and literature from the Medieval and Renaissance, students can learn how the past can prepare them for the future. The world before 1700 is not as foreign as it may seem.

The minor in Medieval and Renaissance/Early Modern Studies is an interdisciplinary minor housed in the College of Liberal Arts. The minor requires 15 credits of approved coursework that can be taken in art history, foreign languages, English, history, music, philosophy, and religion. The minor is dedicated to advancing the understanding and appreciation of historical periods and cultures from the end of classical antiquity (ca. 450 C.E.) through around 1700. Although the minor allows flexibility in the selection of courses, its interdisciplinary subject matter will develop an understanding of cultural history and advance skills in the close reading, analysis, and interpretation of historical artifacts while improving writing and research skills. It provides opportunities to broaden one’s educational horizons and make connections among fields and disciplines that are often studied in isolation. In many ways the world we live in continues to be shaped by complex social, economic, political, intellectual, and artistic developments from the medieval and early modern world, in Europe, the Americas, and the entire globe. This minor can be an extension of any major, expanding upon the your major classes to create a well-rounded perspective.

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Medieval and Renaissance/Early Modern Studies Minor CodeTitleHoursCourses required: See advisor for approved course listing.15 Total Hours15

Students must earn at least a C for all courses that count toward the minor.


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Last Updated: June 22, 2016