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The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is one of the largest colleges on Auburn’s campus with thirteen departments, one school, 4,500 students, and 500 faculty and staff. We offer 46 undergraduate majors, 43 minors, 21 graduate degrees and 6 professional certificates. Our curriculum offers a diverse range of subjects encompassing four areas: social sciences, communications, humanities and fine and performing arts. Our graduates hold a strong record of industry employment and/or acceptance into graduate schools and training programs, both here and abroad.

CLA constitutes the intellectual heart of the university, pursuing knowledge and creative expression in the fine arts, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences. We serve society by creating and disseminating knowledge and by preparing our students to lead today and tomorrow. We think critically, communicate effectively, and adapt to change by understanding the human condition within a global framework, respecting individual and cultural differences and promoting the free exchange of ideas. We share these intellectual pursuits with students, alumni, friends, the citizens of Alabama, and beyond through outreach and public engagement.

Last Updated: September 25, 2020