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Dear Liberal Arts Alumni and Friends,

Supporting the College of Liberal Arts is an indication of your belief in our mission to provide our students with a liberal arts education preparing them for success in the 21st century. And every gift makes a difference! Annual and endowed scholarships attract talented and deserving students who might not otherwise attend our great university. Endowed professorships recruit and/or recognize stellar faculty. Unrestricted gifts meet our immediate needs such as providing funds for students and faculty to travel to professional conferences or purchasing state-of-the-art classroom technology. Program support enhances the opportunities our students have outside classroom, and planned gifts ensure that we continue to offer a world-class education for future generations to come.

There are a variety of areas that need your support. Our dedicated development staff is here to help you navigate the many ways that you may make a gift.

We thank you for investing in our college and enriching the educational experience of our students and faculty.

War Eagle!

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Joseph A. Aistrup, PhD

Last Updated: June 25, 2018