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Retiree creates flags from wood

Liberty Woodworking, LLC is a small company in Elba owned by Dick Cardwell. He retired in Elba just two years ago and started producing American flags from wood as a hobby, some with military seals and others he describes as specialty flags.

His entire career involved working in in the paper packaging industry where he helped create dye made from substrate plywood that was then sold to box manufacturing companies. His involvement with wood throughout his career created a love for woodwork.

Having free time since he retired caused him to occupy himself with the same work that his sons currently do in Ohio.  “Since the beginning of this year, I started doing this as a hobby. I needed something to do after I was done remodeling my house. So, after selling a few flags, I decided to start a business,” he said.

He explained that he has high hopes for the United States, which currently seems so divided. By making these flags, Cardwell said he hopes he is doing what he can to foster unity and patriotism and play his part as a citizen.

“I want to be able to support the ideals of our country and to help support the awareness of the military as those are very important things. I hope when me people see a flag they think about our country and help support the country,” he remarked.

The flag creation process is currently done from a small woodwork shop in his home. Each flag is meticulously created and is produced in two sizes, 37”x19 ½”, which costs $100, and 15”x 7 ½”, which costs $40.

There are three different types of flags that are created: the standard 50-star U.S. flag, military flags with logos and specialty flags also with logos in the union. Cardwell also takes requests for customization of flags if needed.

He currently takes orders by phone and tries to showcase his work by attending arts and craft shows. He also participates as a vendor at the weekly farmers market in Elba downtown at the Tiger Town Park. For more information, contact Liberty Woodworking, LLC at 419-377-9800.