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LD 2018 Alum Laura Agee goes home to serve

Laura Agee, a Living Democracy alum who worked in her hometown of Camden in the summer of 2018, never doubted that she would go home after she graduated from Auburn University.

Now, just one year later, Agee is the director of the Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce.

In this position, Agee uses some of her strengths as a Living Democracy student, such as writing and photography, on a daily basis. She posts information frequently on the Chamber Facebook page and celebrates the assets of Wilcox County through her photography.

As Chamber director, Agee said her responsibilities include promoting existing businesses and encouraging new businesses. “I believe in strengthening what you already have and being a cheerleader for Wilcox County,” she said.

Reflecting on her Living Democracy experience, Agee said she learned “not to be afraid to take the initiative and to have conversations with people”, qualities she believes will be assets in her new position. The 26-year-old added, “I also learned not to be afraid to get involved in local government and organizations. Even though you may be young, you can be a part of it.”

During her Living Democracy summer, Agee worked with Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center. Now she is helping mentor the 2019 Living Democracy student, Laura Thompson.

Agee is happy about her decision to return to her hometown after graduating in May 2018.  “I feel comfortable, have a great support group, and I feel like I can breathe here.” She said she believes “more young people are wanting to go back home and give back.”