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Community Swap Meet is Saturday in Elba

​Like sharing? Have skills? Bring goods and services you'd like to share and you'll be able to barter, give away, or sell your offerings to others at the Community Swap Meet on Saturday, July 16, from 9 a.m.- 12 p.m. in front of the mural by the Rabbit Hole in Elba.

What to bring: food and produce such as veggies, fruits, jams, and baked goods; body care items including soaps and creams; handmade crafts including ceramics, candles and artwork; electronics, housewares, tools, books; services such as bike repair or music lessons; labor including shoveling, hauling, planting.

Consider bringing bags, boxes and carts to take stuff home in. Be prepared to take back home with you whatever you don't end up bartering or giving away.

For more information contact Randy Whitten at (706) 590-3354 or by email at

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