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Collinsville friends give local adventure tour

On one particularly slow day at the library, my friend and library employee Alexus started talking about what there is to do for fun around the area. She explained that there are many local spots that not everyone knows about. This sparked an idea for a weekend trip to visit all of these “locals only” spots.

The first stop on our adventure was a drive through an old cemetery. Red Hill Cemetery, located in a remote area of town, is a hot spot for ghost hunters and bored teenagers looking for a good story.

As we drove down the worn-out road, I noticed that the number of houses began to decrease, and the road only got worse as we continued. I soon lost cell reception. Alexus and her friend Kendal started to recount the old folk legend they had heard growing up.

Apparently, many people go out to the old cemetery to test it out. The legend states that if you arrange coins in a circle and then scatter the coins, when you come back they will be arranged back into a circle. We were too spooked to test this out, but it was fun to hear the story.

Our next stop was Dream Field Productions, a large amphitheater that has been abandoned on the outskirts of town. Driving by, we saw an old stage, chairs, a ticket booth, and large stadium lights. It was like driving back through time, seeing a place sit vacant that was once a lively outdoor space.

The next day we went to a park called High Falls.  This gorgeous spot featured a wooden bridge overlooking a flowing waterfall.

Many people were out enjoying the falls. We decided to get in the water, but we weren’t adventurous enough to jump off the waterfall like many other local kids were doing. We stopped on the rustic wooden bridge to take in the views. We were even greeted by many dogs, who were cooling off in the summer heat.

Our last stop on the tour of local spots was a park called Buck’s Pocket. After we hiked up to the lookout spot, we were greeted with a breathtaking view of the Northeast Alabama mountains. The outlook looked over a valley crowded with oak and pine trees.

Overall, this adventure was full of surprises and beautiful scenery. It was so much fun to take in the views of the lush trees on Lookout Mountain as well as see little spots of hidden history.

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