Auditions for Spring Productions

The Theatre Department will hold auditions for the Spring semester productions of the musical, ONCE UPON A MATTRESS and THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE, an adaptation of Stephen Crane’s classic novel, on Friday, October 10th.  Auditions will be in Goodwin Hall room 125 starting at 5:00pm.  Callback auditions will be on Saturday, October 11, starting at 2pm in the Theatre Building.

To sign up for an audition time, please stop by the call board on the ground floor of Telfair Peet Theatre and sign up for an audition time. The sign up sheet will be available beginning Monday, September 29.

Audition Requirements:

For Theatre Majors who sing -- prepare:

  • a contemporary monologue (up to 1 minute)
  • about 30 seconds of a song from a “golden age” American musical (Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Lowe, Cole Porter, etc), with clearly marked music for an accompanist

For Theatre Majors who do not sing – prepare:

  • a 1-minute contemporary monologue
  • be prepared to sing something a cappella (even “Happy Birthday” if that’s all you can sing)

For non-Theatre Majors:

You may prepare a monologue and a song, OR you may read from material that will be provided at the audition.

NOTE:  there may be non-singers cast in both productions.

For ONCE UPON A MATTRESS, the available roles are:

MINSTREL (a man with a beautiful singing voice, the storyteller of the show)


WIZARD (non-singing role)

LADY LARKIN (singing role)

SIR HARRY (singing role)

QUEEN AGGRAVAIN (singing role)

PRINCE DAUNTLESS (minimal singing role)

KING SEXTIMUS THE SILENT (non-singing, must be adept at mime or movement)

JESTER (singing role, possibly played by man or woman)



Various Lords, Ladies, and funny character roles, including THE NIGHTENGALE OF SAMARKAND (a bird) and SIR STUDLEY (the name says it all!)

Audition Songs

Once Upon a Mattress Sides

For RED BADGE OF COURAGE, the available roles are:

The Youth: this story is told through his point of view; he is the anti-hero of the play (non-singing; no puppetry; must be adept at movement)—Male

TALL SOLDIER/LIEUTENANT/CIRCUS BARKER: an older mentor to The Youth who has a spectacular death scene (prefer singer but can cast non-singer for this role; Tall is also part of ensemble and potentially lead puppeteer*; must be adept at movement)—Male

LOUD: also young, but perhaps looks a bit older than The Youth (Ensemble member, non-singer, and puppeteer*)—Male OR Female

MAMA/TATTERED: this role is part of the puppetry* ensemble but will also voice Mama (Youth’s mother) and play Tattered onstage. (Singing role, Puppeteer)—Soprano/Mezzo-Alto Female OR Tenor Male

SARCASTIC/GENERAL: this role plays many of the soldier parts, with the primary speaking role of the general (as a life-size puppet). (Ensemble member, non-singer, and puppeteer—possibly the lead puppeteer* if Tall is not.) Male OR Female

*Please note: RED BADGE Cast members will receive a one-week puppetry workshop by professional puppeteer and Atlanta-based actor Bryan Mercer!  He will teach them how to work with the puppet. Enthusiasm and Dedication required, but previous skills with puppetry are NOT required for these roles. 

Both scripts are available to read at the reserve desk at the library.   You can find them reserved under Tom Aulino’s THEA 3150 class.   Please read the scripts before auditioning.   Also, you can listen to the original cast recording of ONCE UPON A MATTRESS on YouTube.

The following PDF files contain some of the material that will be used at callbacks for MATTRESS.


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