Kristrina Shuler

Kristrina Shuler


7052 Haley Center
((334) 844-2825


  • Ph.D., anthropology (2005), Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • M.A., (1994), University of Southern Mississippi
  • B.A., (1991), University of South Carolina.

Office Hours

    By appointment

About Kristrina Shuler
Associate Professor and Director of Anthropology

Shuler has previously served as a senior environmental compliance consultant and archaeologist to one of the largest cultural resource management firms in the U.S. and has directed numerous local, state, and federal projects. Since joining the Auburn faculty in 2007, she has regularly taught courses in Medical Anthropology, Human Variation, Physical Anthropology, Anthropology of the African Diaspora, Bioarchaeology, Anthropological Theory, and Introduction to Anthropology.

Shuler’s research explores the biological consequences of shifting food production systems in late prehistoric and early colonial archaeological contexts. In addition to investigating undocumented aspects of health, nutrition, and quality of life for 17-19th century enslaved Africans who worked on a sugar/rum plantation in Barbados, she and her colleagues have recently explored the political economy of health in late prehistoric (ca. 500-1500 AD) communities along the Tombigbee River valley of Mississippi and Alabama near the large ceremonial center at Moundville, Alabama.

In addition to numerous articles, Shuler has several manuscripts under review, including an edited book volume (Hodge and Shuler, editors) that brings together a broad range of current scholarship in Southeastern Bioarchaeology. Shuler currently serves as Interim Director for The Auburn University Archaeological Research Laboratories and curator of collections.

Representative Publications

  • International Journal of Paleopathology (Shuler and Schroeder, 2013) 
  • American Journal of Physical Anthropology (Schroeder et al., 2013; 2009)
  • International Journal of Osteoarchaeology (Davis et al., 2013; Shuler, 2011; Danforth et al., 1993)
  • Journal of Anthropological Archaeology (Shuler et al., 2012)
  • Homo: Journal of Comparative Human Biology (Shuler et al., 2012)
  • Southeastern Archaeology (Shuler et al., 2011)
  • Mississippi Archaeology (Shuler, 2009)
  • African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter (Schroeder and Shuler, 2009; 2006)
  • South Carolina Antiquities (Shuler et al., 2006)
  • Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (Shuler, 2005).

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