Welcome to the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at Auburn University.  The Department’s faculty offers a wide range of engaging educational, research, and service-learning opportunities to both undergraduates and graduate students throughout Alabama, the country, and indeed the world.  Faculty members in our three disciplines have expertise in diversity and inequality, child welfare, homelessness, gender studies, archaeology, environmental anthropology, violence, and health, and conduct research in China, India, and the Caribbean, as well as right here in the Auburn community.

The mission of our Department is to provide the highest quality undergraduate and graduate teaching in the social sciences and services.  This teaching furnishes students with insight into the dynamics of their society, culture, and environment and prepares them to participate in a complex and diverse social world.

The Department aims to prepare students with the intellectual, social and ethical tools they will need to reach their professional and personal goals and aspirations.  In their instruction, faculty members direct students to develop critical thinking skills, specific expertise in a social science or social service, outreach capabilities, and the ability to understand and appreciate diversity across societies and cultures. 

I encourage you to explore the web pages of our faculty and discover for yourself all that we have to offer.  Feel free to contact me at allen.furr@auburn.edu for information.  Everyone is welcome!

Allen Furr, Professor of Sociology and Chair 

Last Updated: August 24, 2015