Missions and Goals

Mission of Social Work Program

The Auburn University Social Work Program mission is to make a positive impact on the social problems within the State of Alabama by training generalist social work personnel who are capable of addressing the problems unique to Alabama’s poor, advocating on behalf of the disenfranchised, including children and families at risk, and dealing with diverse populations, by establishing and maintaining community partnerships, and by developing and implementing research techniques and evaluative strategies designed to address these problems in a collaborative manner.

Goals of Auburn University's Social Work Program

The goals of Auburn University's Social Work Program reflect the university's strong commitment to teaching, research and outreach. The goals that serve as an organizing framework are the following:

Program Goal 1

To provide a generalist practice curriculum that prepares beginning generalist social workers to engage in critical thinking in order to work effectively at all system levels, using social work values and ethics.

Program Goal 2

To provide a learning environment that promotes an ability to understand and practice with diverse populations and that focuses on the roots dynamics and consequences of social and economic injustice, and equpis students with the skills to promote social change directed towards remedying injustice and oppression faced by populations at risk, on individual and collective levels..

Program Goal 3

To promote research on social welfare issues, and practice based on social work research findings.

Program Goal 4

To develop and nurture partnerships with community stakeholders through provision of training, education and research opportunities for graduates, faculty and the community.

Last Updated: August 30, 2012