Social Work Program Application

The Social Work program is accepting applications for new students. For admission into the Social Work program, the following courses must be completed with a grade of C or better prior to application:

  • SOCY 1000 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOWO 2000 Introduction to Social Work
  • SOWO 3910 Field Practicum

The student must also have a cumulative of 2.5 to be fully accepted into the program.

Students must complete the following application process for admittance into the Social Work Program:

  1. Complete application form. Include picture for future assistance in completion of letters of reference. The picture is only used for identification purposes and does not have any bearing on admissions decisions.
  2. Obtain at least one letter of recommendation from someone you feel knows you well. This may include professors, social workers, supervisors from work, or social service agency personnel.  Auburn University social work faculty cannot write recommendation letters for this purpose.
  3. Submit a current transcript.
  4. Write an essay of not more than four typewritten pages, double spaced.

To help in preparation of the essay, the following are suggested:

  • Your essay should address why you value a social work education, social problems with which you are most concerned, your values concerning human beings, an assessment of your ability to contribute to the social work profession, and when and where you have had experience helping people.
  • Students should give consideration to the extent to which their personal values are consistent with the National Association of Social Workers code of ethics, especially those regarding respect for individual rights and choice. The Committee wishes to encourage inclusion of personal events which have contributed to the student's growth with regard to diversity, sensitivity, and/or interest in social work. Students are also encouraged to include issues which the student is working to reconcile with Social work values, but which remain problematic.
  • The student's acceptance of diversity with regard to race, age, gender, ability, life style, sexual orientation, religious/nonreligious belief, or intellectual ability will be addressed.
  • The student should write the essay in a professional manner. The essay should reflect the purpose for which it is required and evidence awareness of the audience to whom it is addressed. The purpose of the essay is to enable the committee to evaluate the student's aptitude for social work. The essay should be directed toward this task and should not be used as a forum to express opinions or values on unrelated issues. Professional presentation also includes use of correct English, a well-prepared essay, and punctuality in submission of application materials.

Application materials should be obtained from the Social Work Department (7030-G Haley Center) or from the AU Social Work website.

Completed applications should be returned to the Social Work Department (7030-G Haley Center). Application to the Social Work Program should be made upon completion of SOWO 3910 (Field Practicum) and before enrolling in SOWO 4060 (Social Work Practice Methods I).

The use of cumulative grade-point average (GPA) for admission into the Social Work Program is subject to review by program faculty, provided that minimum requirements are met. Applicants not accepted for a given semester may re-apply. The maximum number of applicants admitted will be based on the criteria listed above in conjunction with departmental resources.

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Students are encouraged to work with their social work faculty advisor in development of their admissions application and in completing the admissions process. An initial review of the application will be conducted to determine if prerequisites have been met and if the application is complete. The admissions committee meets once per semester to review applications and make admission decisions. Students in good academic standing (not on academic probation or suspension) with a grade-point average of 2.5 who have completed the three required courses with a grade of C or better are eligible for full admission into the program. Action may be either acceptance, denial, or conditional acceptance. If denial is suggested by a committee member, the admissions decision will be deferred. A statement giving the reasons for the proposed denial will be given to the student with copies to committee members within one week. Students will be given an opportunity to reply. Denial requires a majority vote of those eligible to make the admissions decision.

Conditional acceptance allows a student admission to the program contingent upon the satisfaction of some requirement in course work or other matters relating to admission criteria. Conditions for moving from conditional to full admission will be specified in writing to the student. Students whose applications are denied will be given the opportunity to reapply unless they have been previously terminated from the program. In such cases, students must receive prior approval for reapplication. All students may enroll in all social work courses except Methods (SOWO 4060, 4070, 4080) and Field Placement (SOW0 4950). 

Students will be notified in writing via USPS of admission decisions generally within 2 weeks of the Admissions Committee Meeting.


Students may register appeals or grievances through the Auburn Association of Student Social Workers Grievance Committee, the Admissions Coordinator, the Social Work Program Director, the Department Chair, and/or Auburn University student Academic Grievance Committee. Appeals and grievances should be made in writing. Appeals and grievances will be taken up at the Admissions Committee meeting following notification of the grievance or appeal.

Last Updated: August 04, 2014