Biological Anthropology Lab


Located in Haley Center, the Biological Anthropology lab at Auburn was founded in 2007 and is directed by Dr. Kristrina Shuler. The lab provides student opportunities for extensive training and experience in human biological variation, field and lab methodologies, and human evolution. Teaching materials include an array of skeletal and dental reproductions from contemporary populations, forensics cases, and early hominids, a computer workstation with internet access, osteometric, anthropometric and geospatial equipment, and a library of osteological and bioarchaeological books and articles. Osteological collections on loan from the Caribbean and Southeastern United States are housed in the Bioanthropology lab and facilitate ongoing collaborative research by faculty and graduate and advanced undergraduate students who are exploring issues of ancient health, nutrition, and lifetime activity stress in relation to political economy.

Last Updated: August 26, 2011