Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Advising FAQ

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Anthropology Advisors

Students may visit any of the Anthropology faculty for advisement questions during office hours.

Spring 2017 Office Hours

Dr. Kelly Alley                       Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-12:15

Dr. Christopher Berk           Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11:00-12:00 & by appointment

Dr. Meghan Buchanan        Wednesday 11:00-2:00 & by appointment

Dr. Arianne Gaetano            Monday/Wednesday 10:00-10:50 & by appointment

Dr. Kristrina Shuler              Wednesday/Friday 11:00-12:00 & by appointment


Several sections of ANTH 1000 Introduction to Anthropology are offered every semester under the core curriculum. To pursue the major or minor in Anthropology, ANTH 1000 must be taken first and before all other Anthropology courses.

Every required course in Tier I of the major is offered once a year.

Students must take ANTH 2310 before ANTH 3300.

Students must take ANTH 2100 before ANTH 3800, 3850, 3830, 5100 or summer field school.

Students should take the 2000 level courses first and then proceed to 3000 level courses and above.

Students should take ANTH 4310 in their last year and not before their third year.

Last Updated: January 12, 2017