Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Psychology page for undergraduate studies. 

 Our curriculum is designed to provide undergraduates with the best possible education in psychology. We seek to provide students with all the scientific tools necessary for success in this field as well as an introduction to the various content areas of psychology and supervised practical experiences.

 Student Learning Outcomes 

The learning outcomes are established by the American Psychology Association’s Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major outlined in August 2013. The department aligns with the APA guidelines and conduct formative and summative assessments where feasible and practical. 

  • Knowledge in Psychology: Students will be able to identify basic psychological concepts. 
  • Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking: Students will be able to critically evaluate and apply basic psychological concepts by means of scientific reasoning acquired from training in statistics and research methods. 
  • Ethical and Social Responsibility in a Diverse World: Students will be able to  apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice. 
  • Communication: Students will be able to interact effectively with others. 
  • Professional Development: Students shall be able to apply psychological content and skills to pursue career goals. 

Last Updated: October 13, 2017