Health Behavior Assessment Center

The Health Behavior Assessment Center (HBAC) is a specialty service provided by Auburn University Psychological Services Center (AUPSC) in the Department of Psychology.  Graduate doctoral students training in clinical psychology conduct substance use assessments and provide personalized feedback on how substance use may be impacting health and overall quality of life. Services are provided under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists, who are faculty members in the Department of Psychology.

  • NOT “Just Say No”
    Our primary goal is to provide objective feedback and to encourage responsible attitudes and positive change. We work with clients in generating and supporting a variety of goals ranging from abstinence to moderate use.
  • Evidence Based
    HBAC is based on a variety of evidence based programs and techniques, including the Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) curriculum, personalized feedback interventions, relapse prevention, and motivational interviewing.
  • Brief
    Our assessments and feedback process typically involves two sessions. However, we can work with clients over more extended time frames with additional sessions.
  • Individual or Group
    One-on-one or group sessions are available.
  • Confidential
    Information discussed during sessions will not be disclosed without your permission.
  • Appropriate Referrals
    We provide services for clients with concerns about alcohol, marijuana and misuse of prescriptions drugs. We are able to see Auburn University student, students from other area colleges and high schools, and adults from the general community. Typical reasons for referral include disciplinary action from a school or campus-based organization; referrals from courts, parole offices, and lawyers regarding legal difficulties including DUI and MIP charges; clinical referrals from mental health and medical professionals; concerned parents; and self-referrals from individuals interested in learning more about their substance use.
  • Fees
    Fees depend on the nature of the referral and the length of services provided. However AU students who refer themselves or are referred by a concerned medical or mental health care provider will receive two sessions free of charge.

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Last Updated: February 27, 2014