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Dissertation Calendar Deadlines

You may also consult the graduate school calendar.

This table summarizes important deadlines from the Graduate School Calendar to help you plan. However, changes DO occur, so as you are finalizing your plans, contact the Graduate School (844-4700) to confirm the relevant dates.
You must perform each step below by the stated deadline...
In order to graduate this term
Summer 2017
Fall  2017
Spring  2018
Summer 2018
Registration ends... 5/18/17 8/21/17 1/10/18 5/17/18
Order graduation check no later than... 5/6/17 8/5/17 12/16/17 5/7/18
Submit dissertation draft (pdf) via e-mail to GS and submit Dissertation First Submission Approval form (paper form signed by major professor and all committee members and designating outside reader) to Grad School. Deliver draft to outside reader in reader's preferred form (paper or electronic). 6/23/17 10/16/17 3/5/18 6/22/18
Submit Form X scheduling dissertation defense (paper form signed by department chair and major professor) 7/10/17 11/10/17 4/9/18 7/9/18
Hold dissertation defense, submit Form Z (paper form signed by major professor, committee and outside reader at conclusion of defense) to the Graduate School. 7/17/17 11/17/17 4/16/18 7/16/18
Submit final dissertation to GS electronically and submit Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Final Approval Form (paper form signed by committee chair and committee members after dissertation is finalized) and Survey of Earned Doctorates (online survey) to the Grad School. 7/24/17 11/30/17 4/23/18 7/23/18
Graduation day 8/5/17 12/16/17

5/5/18- 5/7/18



Last Updated: June 01, 2017