Department of Psychology

Financial Assistance

The ABA Program has in recent years operated an Agency Fellowship Program.  This initiative involves state and private agencies sponsoring fellowships for ABA graduate students in return for the student agreeing to one or more years of employment with the agency.   The purpose of the fellowships is two-fold: (a) to provide financial support for ABA students, who are not permitted to work during their time the program and otherwise receive no university support and (b) to assure that the sponsoring agency will be able to employ a graduate of the program for at least one year following graduation. Fellowship funds are used to sponsor students on a .33-time graduate assistantship, which provides them with a monthly stipend.  Perhaps more importantly, students holding these assistantships are not charged tuition.  As the ABA program is shifting from a 1-year training model to a 2-year training model, we anticipate that students may also be funded via contracts with local agencies. All MS-ABA students are automatically considered for fellowships/assistantships; there is no separate application.

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Last Updated: November 03, 2016