Pre-law Scholars Program


Lee County Clerk's Office Internships

Pi Lambda Sigma members are eligible for placement in Political Science 4920, an internship for 3 credit hours. The student interns report directly to Corinne T. Hurst, Circuit Clerk for Lee County, and are required to work 10 hours per week during the semester. A paper composed of a description of the duties of each employee of the Clerk’s Office and an explanation of the responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office to the courts, the Sheriff’s Department, and the other county offices served by the Clerk’s office is required. A grade of Satisfactory (passing) or Unsatisfactory (failing) is assigned by Ms. Littleton, based on the paper and an evaluation provided by Ms. Hurst at the end of the semester.

This internship is available in spring, summer and fall semesters. Students interested in enrolling in this internship should notify Ms. Littleton at least two semesters in advance of enrollment.

Summer Internships

Pi Lambda Sigma members are eligible for placement in summer internships for 3 or 6 credit hours. If you are interested in interning with a law firm, corporation (legal division) or government office in Auburn/Opelika, Montgomery, Birmingham, Atlanta, or your hometown, please send Ms. Littleton the following information:

  • Your email address and telephone number
  • Your class, major, and gpa
  • Your first and second location choices
  • Practice areas of interest to you

Students participating in this internship program will not be paid by the lawyers who host them, but may earn from 3 to 6 hours credit (S/U) in political science. Interns are required to work with their assigned lawyers for 10 to 20 hours per week, to receive a favorable review from the lawyers, and to write a 10 page paper on a topic relevant to the internship. Ms. Littleton will serve as Instructor for these internships.


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Last Updated: August 16, 2016