Cynthia Bowling

Cynthia Bowling Professor and Ph.D. Program Director
8030 Haley Center
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Cynthia J. Bowling, Associate Professor, earned her PhD at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She specializes in state government administration, public budgeting, and representative bureaucracy, and has published articles in Public Administration Review, the Journal of Politics, and Public Budgeting and Finance. She is currently the co-principle investigator of the American State Administrators Project (ASAP). ASAP is a biennial survey of state agency heads in all 50 states sponsored by the Earhart Foundation of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Auburn University. Her current research focuses on gender representation in state administration, and its impact on governance and policy. She teaches seminars in Public Administration to MPA and PhD students, MPA seminar on Policy and Administration, and upper level Political Science courses in Research Methods and Local Government.

Research and Teaching Interests

Public Administration, State and Local Government and Administration, Public Policy, Public Budgeting

Representative Publications

  • "The Effects of Administrators' Aspirations, Political Principals' Priorities, and Interest Groups' Influence on State Agency Budgets" with Jay Ryu, Chung-Lae Cho, and Deil S. Wright. Summer 2007. Public Budgeting and Finance 27, 2:22-49.
  • "Cracked Ceilings, Firmer Floors, and Weakening Walls: Trends and Patterns in Gender Representation Among Executives leading American State Agencies, 1970-2000" with Jennifer Jones, Christine Kelleher, and Deil S. Wright. November/December 2006. Public Administration Review 66, 6: 823-836.
  • "Women in State Governments: Gender Representation in Legislative, Administrative, and Other Institutions of American Society", with Jennifer Jones, Christine Kelleher, and Deil S. Wright in Book of the States, Keon Chi, ed. Lexington: Council of State Governments. 2006.
  • "Establishing a Continuum from Minimizing to Maximizing Bureaucrats: State Agency Head Preferences for Government Expansion - A Typology of Administrator Growth Postures, 1964-1998", with Deil S. Wright and Chung-Lae Cho. Public Administration Review. July/August 2004. Volume 64, 4: 489-499.

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