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The Philosophy Club is composed of students interested in philosophy who come together to learn about and discuss informally philosophical topics of interest. The Club runs hand in hand with the Auburn chapter of Phi Sigma Tau and is open to every student who has broad philosophical interests and a desire to participate and contribute to the philosophical life of the group.

Some of our past topics have included Aesthetics, Wittgenstein, Kant, Continental and Analytical Philosophy, The Emotions, Love and Marriage, Topics in Philosophy of Mind, Basic Action and Political Philosophy. In addition to those meetings, the club often has a Film and Philosophy Series (where we watch films and talk about them), and it meets regularly prior to AUPS meetings (i.e., the philosophy colloquia) to discuss informally the paper presented at the colloquium that day. The club is the host and the organizer of a popular series of philosophical panel discussions at the local cafe, ‘Momma Mocha's’. Finally the club regularly travels to regional and national philosophical conventions.


Membership in the club is twofold:

  • Full members in the Philosophy Honors Society Phi Sigma Tau, who meet requirements for the society and have paid the sign-up fee.
  • Full members who do not wish to be inducted into the society but wish to participate in the club.

Purposes of the Club

The Philosophy Club is dedicated to:

  • Serving as a means of recognizing students who have achieved high scholarship and personal interest in philosophy.
  • Promoting students' interest in research and advanced study in philosophy and its cognate fields.
  • Providing opportunities for the preparation and critical discussion of student and faculty papers of philosophical interest.
  • Encouraging a professional and friendly spirit among those who have displayed interest and ability in philosophy.
  • Providing opportunities for informal philosophical and personal exchange between students and faculty.
  • Creating a forum where both students and faculty feel philosophically inspired

For more information, to join the club, or any of the club activities, you are welcome to contact the philosophy club

Advisors: Dr. Keren Gorodeisky: and Dr. Elay Shech:


Activities for Fall 2017

August 25: Nicholas Koziolek (Auburn) 3:00 pm Ross 136 "Is Belief a State?"

September 8: Mike Bertrand (Auburn) 3:00 pm Ross 136 "Why We Need Non-Factive Metaphysical Explanations"

September 22: Mike Watkins (Auburn) 3:00 pm Ross 136 "A Heraclitian Defense of Color Realism"

October 6: Antonio Capuano (Auburn) 3:00 pm Ross 136 "In Defense of Donnellan on Proper Names"

October 27: Paul Bloomfield (Connecticut) 3:00 pm Ross 136 "Virtues as Excellences"

November 3: Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna) 3:00 pm Ross 136 "What Imagination Teaches"

December 1: John Hacker-Wright (Guelph) 3:00 pm Ross 136 "Emotion, Virtue, and Rational Life" 

Activities for Spring 2017

Friday 2/3: Mike Bertrand (Auburn) 3:00 pm Ross 136

Friday 2/10: Anjan Chakravatty meets with students 2:00 pm Haley 6088

Friday 2/10: Anjan Chakravatty (Notre Dame) "Pluralism (but not Perspectivism) about Scientific Models" 3:00 pm Ross 136

Wednesday 2/22: Edward Halper (Georgia)

Friday 3/3: Philosophy Club Movie Night - 6:00 pm Haley 2370

Thursday and Friday 3/23-24: Auburn University Philosophy Conference: "Moral and Aesthetic Testimony"

Friday 4/7: Allison Fritz (Auburn)

Wednesday 4/12: Philosophy Panel on "Science and Religion" 5:00 pm at Mama Mocha's Cafe

Friday 4/21: Ted Poston (South Alabama) "Two strategies for explaining away skepticism"

Activities for Fall 2016

Friday 8/26: James Shelley (Auburn) "The Acquaintance Principle" 3:00 pm Ross 136

Friday 9/9: Nicholas Koziolek (Auburn) "Coming to Believe" 3:00 pm Ross 136

Friday 9/23: Nick Wiltsher (Auburn) "Understanding Literature Imaginatively" 3:00 pm Ross 136

Friday 10/7: Jim Hamilton (Kansas St.) 3:00 pm Ross 136

Friday 10/28: Yujin Nagasawa (Birmingham, UK) "Maximal God and the Modal Ontological Argument" 3:00 pm Ross 136

Friday 12/2: Reshef Agam-Segal (Virginia Military Institute) 3:00 pm Ross 136

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